Thursday, August 17, 2006

Failure to Communicate

I knew she was insane, all alone,
Stomping up and down Church Street,
Bone-like face, raven hair electrified,
A disconnected hand flailing
At the fading light,
Her shrieking scarlet mouth
Filling my space,
Though I could not hear a single word,
Invisible where I cowered
Behind a pint in the Old Arcade.
Uncontrollable laughter
Rippled across the pavement
Then shrivelled into a sea of tears.
Shoulders convulsed. Uncomprehending rage
Rolled her eyes skyward, cloudy, misty, bright.
A new strain of urban dementia?
First victim of a chemical attack?
Then she turned to face me and I knew
It was only the mobile phone.

I know it's happened to you!

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