Sunday, August 27, 2006

Emilie Flöge

I stare at the mirror and what do I see?
A beautiful stranger examining me.
If I stood in her shoes, where would I be?
All poise and perfection and tranquillity,
The mistress of artistic fantasy,
Projected from some distant galaxy,
Created in blue spray, washed up from the sea?
A vision regarded most jealously.

Outside his studio, why should I care
As real life strips my pretensions quite bare
Revealing a pale shadow, posing there,
When the other me still lights up the gloom,
Turns every head in that spiralling room?
When darkness arrives, still dazzles the moon.

Carry on Klimt! Late with my blog today as I have just discovered Andrea Camilleri and read 'Excursion to Tindari' from cover to cover.

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