Thursday, August 24, 2006

Donde Estan?

Figures on a balance sheet,
Fevered imagination,
Fond memories,
Floating face down
In the bloody culvert of unconsciousness,
Within a roughcast concrete wall,
Comingling with the smoke
Grey ash and carbonised air,
Incarcerated deep in the files,
Spirited away,
Silhouetted on a skylight,
Slumped in a heap,
In the basement,
On melting rolls of celluloid,
In a secret vault,
In a soft, padded cell,
Behind a blank stare,
Non existent,
A series of notes
In a long scream,

This is another poem inspired by the film 'Missing' and events during Pinochet and the CIA's coup in Chile. Sadly it could apply to so many other different countries as well.

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