Wednesday, August 02, 2006

6 Haiku ( distorted by hot tears )

New Century
in the falsely promised land,
flesh fuses into stone.

Beneath a crushed home
children lie broken, silenced
in the name of ‘peace‘.

From the stretcher
hangs you daughter’s broken arm -
she’s waving goodbye.

Qana’s miracle,
how technology can turn
water unto blood.

Goliath’s reply
to David’s impudent stone,
raining cluster bombs.

The six pointed star
destroys itself, in frenzy
forms a crooked cross.

At the edge of Swansea's Castle Square, in the shadow of the ruins of the Norman Castle, a 24 hour peace camp was established. From 6pm until midnight only one pair of drunks shouted pro Zionist abuse. Everybody else was sympathetic. Passing fire service workers, ambulance drivers, taxi drivers hooted their support. We hear that 50 coaches are going from Blackburn to Saturday's emergency demonstration in London. Bliar beware!

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