Thursday, July 20, 2006


Sister, why are you out there, in front, while
I swim in your shadow, pale and unloved?
The sunlight filtering from a ruthless
Sky picks your face out, sparks the crystal in
Your eye, leaving me, a pale reflection
Where I lie, deep in folds of liquid green.
No matter how feverishly I try, here
I tread water, when I would rather fly.

Sister, stand beside me. You’ll see the world
Beyond, where love and sorrow mingle with
Hope, despair. The bright light that you perceive
Is fire from burning oil. Soon the sky will
Darken and our world begin to boil. Live
While you can, before the curtain’s unfurled.

Yesterday was the hottest July day in Wales since records began, so it seems right to turn to the environment today, via another Klimt painting, one of his darker creations.

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