Friday, July 21, 2006


Through the scream of fire and smoke
Lurched my wild-eyed supplicant,
Frail arms stretched out, palms up,
Desperate for a healing cup.
I caught his wretched fear,
For in the sky were seen three suns,
Blistering, bright and clear.

The first sun kissed his face
And left a death’s head in its place.

The second sun spun him round
And hurled his useless body to the ground.

The third sun, summoning all its powers
Splintered his sweat soaked vest into a field
Of bright red flowers.

In my darkest dreams I see him,
Lying there and I know
The poppies that we planted
Will grow and grow.

"There were seen three suns in the firmament shining full clear."
The Battle of Mortimer's Cross 2nd February 1461.

This one is dedicated to arms manufacturers and dealers the world over. They're doing a roaring trade. I have in mind especially their delightful invention, the land mine which, when triggered springs into the air chest high before it explodes.

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